My latest camera system..Fuji X series
My Canon 5D camera wont tether on Windows 7 what can I do
Focus stacking using android tablet and DSLR Controller app
Using a Nexus 7 with Canon cameras  (backups on the move)
Hardwick hall 3 image pano using 22mm pancake lens on EOS-M plus 100% crop
Nexus 7 with DSLR Controller App

Nexus 7 with DSLR Controller App

I found this Android App today DSLR Contoller…dslrcontroller it enables you to connect certain Canon cameras and get various levels of control over them…….as most of my gear is getting on then I was…

DIY quick change filter holder for EOS-M
New toy arrived ….EOS-M Mirrorless and no viewfinder
National Cold War Exhibition (RAF Cosford Revisited)
Canon 17-40L Hyperfocal app for Crop and Full Frame bodies
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