New toy arrived ….EOS-M Mirrorless and no viewfinder

I was looking for a replacement for my very aged now S70 canon compact and happened to get an as new EOS-M mirrorless compact system camera with a flash and lens adaptor so I can use ALL my current Canon lenses EF and EF-s and also old manual lenses and my canon 550EX flash.

The controls are a little strange for me but after 10 minutes got the hang the camera menus are familiar to my 40D but I have an issue still trying to focus and compose with the camera against my face ………I must remember its liveview ONLY¬† :).

The technology is superior to my 40D although the sensor is the same size so a step up from there and higher ISO images are now possible.

The size of the camera with the kit lens on for me is very pocketable (big pockets) and will be easier to take when cycling.

Here is a first shot ( all excited and no time) taken at ISO 1600, shutter 1/200sec with an old 55mm f1.8 fujinon lens (manual)