Bike riding and my new EOS-M’s first outing

In 1981  Norman Tebbit made a comment about how his father got on his bike in the 30’s ………well I have got back on my bike after a 4 year interlude and I must say it was fun although a little hard on the seating area 🙂

I enjoyed a ride on the High Peak Trail from Middleton top to Parsley Hay and back I took my old Canon S70 compact with me .

I arrived on a cold and and sunny morning a change from the wet miserable weather we have been having for ever it seems and was the only one in the car park always good to start early


An old crane in a long abandoned Quarry CRW_4777-Edit-1

A view across the fields CRW_4788-1

After the High Peak ride during the proceeding week I managed to obtain a Canon EOS-M which packs easy when cycling the following week I managed to get out for another cycle ride and I took a few shots on a ride around the dams in the Derwent Valley a dull sunless day but the camera was easy to work and weighs nothing compared to a DSLR and the quality is great, the guy looking puzzled is me wondering if the self timer was working, the shot of the 2 arch bridge is a pack horse bridge relocated to the top of the Derwent Valley at Slippery stones