About me

Portrait 3-1Hello my name is Paul and I love photography which I participate in for my own pleasure.
I enjoy the whole process, although my darkroom nowadays  is digital, I still take great pleasure in using and processing film occasionally.
I have more cameras than I can use ( and the line up may change but it seems destined that this will always be the case) 🙂 my current crop includes a delightful Ikon Netter,  a Canon Canonet and a couple of Bronica’s, I also have crop 40D and full frame Canon (5D) DSLR’s for my day to day photography and recently added a Canon EOS-M.

UPDATE+++ I ha=ve now sold all my Bronica gear and bought into the Fuji  X series with a couple of X-E1 bodies and a couple of lenses ………..enjoying the feel of a “real” camera with all the benefits of the latest tech. https://photos.simark.net/my-latest-camera-system-fuji-x-series/

Please feel free to have a look around my site and if you want to talk you can generally find me HERE

Paul Magyar