A little outing to the Snake Woodlands

Sunday afternoon the 22nd and although it was sunny and clear in the woods it was dark and as the winter solstice had just passed it was dropping dark pretty quickly.

I haven’t been out for a while so I loaded my last roll of Ilford Delta B&W in my Bronica and also a roll of Ektar (still to be developed) I did the Delta film at home and scanned the negs.

The first image is 4 exposures taken with the film advance off as I needed a 30 second exposure and the ETR can only deliver 8 seconds as the longest exposure and as I was struggling to see what I was doing it seemed the easier option rather than use the long exposure setting.


these last 2 are about 8 seconds each I think…….


There where a lot of trees down because of the storm winds the week before


And lastly


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