Counteracting the Christmas excesses

Well its ok sitting about watching old movies and stuffing yourself but you have to get out or go mad….well I do and nothing better than getting up onto the hills.

I got out with my old Bronnie before the festivities started. HERE

Then thanks to not cooking Christmas lunch this year I managed a few hours Christmas Morning.

Took this 6 or so shot Panorama from the road side going down into Hathersage looking west as I made my way to Ladybower and the Derwent Valley a massive version of the Panorama is available HERE

IMG_9391-Edit-1And when I got up on top took this shot down the snake pass (A57)


and this before getting  back into the woods to descend to the car park.


After Christmas on Saturday the 27th  I managed a decent 8.5 mile hike on a very very windy day well the first half was the second half was much easier along the road in the valley besides the reservoir only wind seen was blowing the spray back on the top dam.
IMG_9488-1Google map showing the route taken

todays walk 27th December 2013

A 1min video of me being buffeted in the wind 🙂 taken on my phone so grim quality

And the only image apart from the dam wall shot I had to lay down as I was being blown across the moor trying to take this


And finally I managed to get out for a few hours today Sunday the 29th and tried round Ladybower first but as expected it was crowded so carried on along the A57 to the Snake woodlands got parked fine and saw just the odd walker as I went through and on to Ashop Clough here is a selection of images I managed to get.