Ricoh 500ME Rangefinder

Another of my Ebay experiences a full frame 35mm film compact having a key feature an ability to take a multiple exposure it uses a switch to cock the shutter without advancing the film the camera is a very compact Rangefinder and in excellent condition requiring only the replacement of the disintegrated light seals on the film back.

There is a nice range of controls on the camera including full manual override, of all the 35mm film compacts I have played this was the most fun to use.

Another camera that the meter can be used with a hearing aid battery an A675 as a direct replacement for the mercury cell or an LR44 alkaline battery will work but give a less accurate meter reading as the voltage varies through the batteries life.

English User Manual (scanned) download Ricoh 500ME EN user manual


Manufacturer Ricoh
Model 500ME
Type 35mm rangefinder camera
Film 35mm (Type 135)
Picture size 24 x 36 mm
Lens Fixed. Color Rikenon lens 1:2.8/40mm (4 elements in 3 groups).
Filter size 46 mm, filter placed in front of the exposure cell so no manual filter factor calculations needed.
Focusing Double image matching system by rotating the front component of the taking lens. Coupled Rangefinder
Focus range 0,8 meter – infinity
Viewfinder Marked Finder with 0.49 magnification. With parallax correction marks f stop scale battery check
Shutter Mechanical Leaf Shutter speeds B, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, and 1/500
Self timer Yes
Exposure Automatic or Manual and Multiple exposure (ME)
Exposure meter CdS cell Fully auto and manual override
Exposure range EV 6 to 17 at ASA 100.
Battery 1.35 Volt mercury battery type PX-675
Film speed setting ASA 25 – 800
Flash Sync Hot Shoe
Film Advance Manual, single stroke .
Dimensions 111 x 71 x 55 mm
Weight 380 grams