Canon Canonet 28 Rangefinder

After a while looking on Ebay and after an unfortunate  purchase of a QL19 that was returned as faulty I dropped on the Canonet 28  in excellent condition with a few visible marks but all operational the case is tatty but did its job of protecting the camera. The camera has 40mm f2.8 lens and the meter Cds sensor is inside the filter ring so will meter correctly when a filter is fitted, the meter runs from the now obsolete 1.35 mercury cell but an easy replacement is a hearing aid zinc air cell the A675 or an alkaline battery such as the EPX625G could be used as it is size for size to the original mercury cell but will give slightly variable reading dependent on the voltage through its life .

As expected the light seals on the back film cover where all but non existent so I replaced them and had no evidence of leaks when I shot the test film.

The camera is fully automatic and the coupled rangefinder works just fine, the meter display is visible inside the viewfinder.

A fun camera to play with the lens gives excellent results although manual settings are restricted, bearing in mind it was built as a point and shoot for the mass market.

User manual available from Butkus Site here

Some images taken on a test roll and images of the camera itself.

Manufacturer Canon
Model Canonet 28 (later version)
Type 35mm rangefinder camera
Film 35mm (Type 135)
Picture size 24 x 36 mm
Made in Taiwan
Lens Fixed. Canon lens 1:2.8/40mm (4 elements in 3 groups). Spectra coating
Filter size 48 mm, filter placed in front of the exposure cell so no manual filter factor calculations needed.
Focusing Double image matching system by rotating the form component of the taking lens. Coupled Rangefinder
Focus range 0,8 meter – infinity
Viewfinder Marked Finder with 0.6 magnification. With parallax correction marks
Shutter Stepless leaf shutter. 1/30 – 1/620 second. Automatically set by the exposure meter.
Aperture automatic: stepless f/2.8 – f/14.5.
manual: 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16
Self timer none
Exposure Automatic with manual aperture selection, i.e. shutter speed is set automatically
Exposure meter CdS cell next to the lens
Exposure range EV 8 to 17 at ASA 100. Shutter lock outside of coupling range
Battery 1.35 Volt mercury battery type PX-625
Film speed setting ASA 25 – 400
Flash Automatic flash with Canolite D.
Flash Contact only direct connect type CAT signal contact.
Flash Sync X contact bus (at 1/30 sec.)
Film Advance Manual, single stroke .
Dimensions 120 x 75 x 61 mm
Weight 540 grams