New toy pass through (macro tubes)

Well after playing with tubes for years (manual screw together )

As I am trying to sort out my gear I decided I needed (wanted) a set of tubes with through connections so I can use my canon 60mm macro.

So I bought a canon set from ebay for £52.99 including delivered and they came within a couple of days .

They work just finemacro extension tubes_6892559627_o


The manual is printed on a large postage stamp and will probably require macro lens to read

the tubes are 13mm 21mm and 31mm and will be used on a canon 60mm macro lens

Reading the leaflet I can just make this out

image magnification ratio= (length of ext tube+master lens advance volume)/ master lens focal length

what the heck is master volume ??

Thanks to Alex for the calculations below

Total Magnification = Lens Magnification + (Extension Tube Length)/(Lens Focal Length)
with your 60mm and a full set of tubes: 1 + 1.08 = 2.08 at infinity focus
roughly about 2.5x at minimum working distance, but I’ll stand corrected.

OK here you go this one with all tubes and canon 60mm efs macro lens

A little test to see range of focus


This one at Minimum Working Distance



This one at infinity


sensor measures 22.5mm at min distance I get as best I can figure

at MWD 22.5/9=2.5
at infinity 22.5/21.5=1.04

near enough for me

All shots taken with DAF-14C ringflash

test shot