Gadget boy and the android that kept closing down

I recently acquired a Nexus 7 Android tablet and all was fine for the first week then I started randomly having issues with every time I woke the screen up it would immediately switch off so it was swipe on shut off wipe on then it would seem to be OK and a few days later it would do it again.

So straight away I think is the tablet faulty or something …….well NO it works just fine its all to do with magnets even although the case I bought (after having the tablet a week) does not have a magnetic catch it “did” have a small magnet in the cover so when closed came close to the btm RHS of the tablet and told it to shut down.

The cure was a sharp knife and a quick bit of surgery ……………… it doesn’t switch off when I fold the cover back and send false signals to the tablet, it means the auto shutdown doesnt work when the cover closes but much better than me embedding the nexus in a plaster wall .