Cwmorthin Slate workings forum outing

Five of us from the forum met up at the Lakeside cafe near the Hydro electric power station at Tanygrisiau on Saturday the 6th of October 2012 as we intended to breakfast before setting off a mild panic set in when the cafe owners didnt turn up on time and it was thought we may have to resort to eating our sandwiches (those that brought them), thankfully the Cafe staff turned up about 10 minutes late and eventually  hearty breakfasts where enjoyed.

After eating we drove from the Lakeside cafe to the end of Cwmorthin road and parked on the free parking before making our “ascent”

We walked up to the top alongside the spoil tip and at the top we discovered a garden that had been made some years ago by the looks of it.

The day was sunny and warm mainly when we first got to the top it was very calm and the water was like glass.

We then spent the next few hours soaking it up and getting some images onto our cards and film, I took a DSLR 40D and a Bronica ETR-C and with the rest of my gear it was a goodly weight.

We all had a good day and eventually got back to the car park about 4:30

Here are some shots I got on the day.