Forum Meeting Talybont and around the Beacons

Had a great Day Sunday met up with some new and some old faces from the Photography forum, a very pleasant day warm and in excellent company a few images in the gallery below as a reminder of the day.

We met up and had a lovely breakfast at the Talybont Stores Cafe had a walk around the canal then onto the Talybont Reservoir, then the Blaen y Glyn Waterfalls, and eventually up to the Neuadd Reservoirs, afterwards back to Talybont for cake and a hot drink  a chat and then away home.

Here they are all excepting myself.
left to right (In green) Snips (Edward), Ogofmole (barry), Ramble Vision (Steve), Spuriosity (Katie), Tenchy(Steve), Uncle Bob ..Bob



And Barry Steve and Steve waiting for the tide 🙂 (not really) but in danger of sliding in 🙂


And a small gallery of images