Bronica ETR-C Missing frames and light leaks

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Bronica ETR-C other side_6892055993_l

I have been playing with my recently acquired Bronica ETRC and also a “New” 50mm lens from Ffordes Photographic in Scotland

I have had 2 films back from developing today and a previous film had much of the film blank (all the second half) and the one from the Bronica that came today had blank frames as well

Image below of second test film showing missing frames and light leaks


well I have cleaned the contacts pins on the lens and spring loaded contacts on the body …note the pins on the lens are contacted on the side not the end…cleaned with some E2 fluid and a pec pad as well in case any grease or grime

After a bit of head scratching and because of the nature of the shots on the film returned today I can discount that I have set the exposure wrong, now the operation of the camera after pressing the shutter release clunks the mirror out of the way and the oh so silent leaf shutter is activated.

Looks like flare on one side on a finished image.


Ok I have now found where some light seals are supposed to be so fit light seals stop leaks

Missing frames seems that it may be a faulty shutter from my reading up

This is an image showing the light leak on the RHS a sharp edge on the btm about 1/3rd of the way up fading to the left end up so I assume as the image is upside down and back to front the leak is on the back LH side top

river ashop


Links to information on the the light seals

and the lens wheelman2007 post

have said this before, but feel that it needs to be said again!

The Seiko shutters on the Bronica lenses are liable to failure, probably no worse than any other camera in that regard, but repair is expensive. If you buy a lens try to get a guarantee and be sure to run a couple of films through the camera to test the lens. Problems appear as blank frames, maybe one or two per roll.

I have a 75mm lens…………next thing I will do is fit seals and use the 75mm lens with a test film.

I emailed Ffordes regarding the issues with the shutter misfiring and have sent the lens back to them to test , when I tried it on the body I got the shutter working only about half of the time.
I have also fitted some light seals and run a film through with my 75mm lens on to try it hopefully no leaks and 15 frames.
Now wait a week (for the film to be developed) to see if any of that worked

I have just had the film back and the body and 75mm lens are fine got 15 frames exposed from a roll so 100% plus no evidence of light leaks now new seals fitted.
Just need to sort out that 50mm lens and back in business.

100% image just a few dust specks cloned out must say I am liking this Kodak Ektar 100 nice colour and fine grained

TOP TIP check light seals on old film cams if you cant find one its because its dissolved and you haven’t got one

Well I have had the 50mm lens back from Ffordes Photographic Ltd.
I bought a 50mm lens for my Bronica for a modest sum but when used had lost frames getting 7 or 8 from a 15 exp film eventually worked out it was this lens because the shutter is in the lens and wasn’t firing every time, the lens had been mine for about 3 months when the penny dropped so I phoned Ffordes and told them the problem I was having and was asked to return it so they could check it over.

Well I have now got it back complete with repair guarantee (6 months) Its had a check over clean and a specific comment from the tech that the shutter release magnets have been cleaned (seems the likely culprit), anyway put it back on the body and cranked 50 or so shots and no misfires so looking good.

I am pleased with the excellent service from Ffordes and hopefully my misfire problem is solved.

Just away to get a roll from the fridge and try it out

Happy days


Update 9th October 2012

You think its all over………and its not

Although the lens was overhauled I am still loosing 50% of my exposures per roll of film a bad thing.

I have just bought another lens (40mm) and have tried that the 75mm and the iffy 50mm lenses on and cannot get the 40 and 75 to misfire BUT the 50mm will misfire and I can jiggle the lens in the mount when locked (virtually no visible movement) to make it happen so that when I fire the shutter and it doesnt trigger then a wee jiggle CW and ACW of the lens will connect the shutter.

So at the moment I have the camera body and the iffy 50mm lens on there way to Scotland so that they can have a look what is happening.

I have inspected the mounts lens and body and they do look fine although the lens doesnt lock on as sweetly as my other lenses so maybe the fault is related to the mount the jiggle thing would point in that direction………………..just need to wait now and see what they come back with


Update 6th November 2012

And its still going on I have had camera and lens returned this morningĀ  and still not right actually seems worse may be the knocks in carriage.

Anyway did a quick vid with my phone so out of focus …you work with what you have

anyway the sequence with sound

Crank film advance (on multi exposure)

press shutter release

the mirror lifts (clunk)
I move the lens and the shutter opens (1/2 sec exposure) (click)
shutter closes (click)
video ends

Update 16th November 2012
Well been on to the repairers and apparently the connection in the lens for the circuit board was faulty so they reckon they have fixed it tried it many times and have also watched the video so should have it back Wednesday all being well

Update 12th December 2012


And finally after several months of to and fro and still a lens that misfires I have I returned the lens and have now had a full refund.

I dont think I want to see a 50mm bronica lens for a while now